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5th Century: Oldest Surviving Biblical Manuscript

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(Timeline Project)

5th c – Oldest surviving biblical manuscript; first editions of Christian Bible Quedlinburg Italia – Fragments of 6 folios from a large illuminated manuscript of an Old Latin translation of the Christian Bible (probably produced in Rome in 420s or 430s).  Pieces were reused in bindings of other books bound in 1618 in Quedlinburg, Germany. Uncial script.


This post is part of an ongoing series on books, miniatures, writing and supports since the year 1. Please consider it a kick-start for your own private timeline and a springboard for further research. See my blog for the rest of the series.


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Metalsmith: Mandrel for Tiny Jump Rings

Mandrel for Tiny Jump Rings
(A typically occasional metalsmithing series by Christine Cox)

Use a piece of steel tie wire as a mandrel when making tiny jump rings. It doesn’t bend as much as copper, nickel-silver or brass so it’s a lot easier to wrap the jump ring wire around it. I like to capture both the tie wire and the jump ring wire in a small vise and then use a pair of flatnose pliers and my fingers to manipulate the jump ring wire around the tie wire.

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