Christine Cox


I’ve been teaching since 1988 and can’t resist sharing my love of bookbinding and metal. Back then I was making simple beaded earrings, but then I took a class in metal fabrication and my world bloomed! At about the same time, I started reading about the history of books and bookbinding and was mesmerized by Medieval books with metal furnishings. Fast forward to the present where I make books from wood, glass, enamel and traditional covers and materials! They are my own version of Treasure Bindings. I’ve fallen into a rabbit hole and hope you’ll join me as I further explore my love of books, jewelry and so much more.

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  1. Hi, Bonnie. Sorry, I don’t do book repair. Good luck.

  2. I took a cold connections class a while ago and loved it! Now I would like to buy some tools of my own, but I am not really sure where to start, soooo many choices. Do you have a beginners list of supplies or a beginners pack at valcano. Thanks for all the info you share and your wonderful creations!

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