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1st Century: Structural Overview

In the 1st century most codices were made from a single quire (section/signature/gathering) of papyrus with a limp leather cover. A common attachment from the block to the cover was thong tackets made from leather and knotted on the inside of the fold. Leather wrapping bands were a common closure.

1st Century: Palm Leaf Books

Before 1st c – Palm leaf books developed in India – Religious sutras were copied onto palm leaves (cut into 2, lengthwise) with a metal stylus. The leaf was dried and rubbed with ink. Finished leaves and cover boards were threaded onto 2 long pieces of twine. Twine was wrapped around book when closed. Buddhist monks took idea through Persia, Afghanistan and Iran to China in first century BCE

1st Century: Calligraphy

From 1st c — Roman Rustic script is standard book hand of Empire (replacing Roman Square Capital)

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