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4th Century: Coptic Alphabet

Books, Miniatures, Writing and Supports
(Timeline Project)

Coptic Alphabet
4th to 9th centuries – The Coptic alphabet was used in Egypt and was perpetuated thereafter by the Coptic Christian church. It was the first Egyptian writing system to indicate vowels.

This post is part of an ongoing series on books, miniatures, writing and supports since the year 1. Please consider it a kick-start for your own private timeline and a springboard for further research. See my blog for the rest of the series.


Specialized sanding blocks


Bookbinders are forced to make their own tools every now and then. Here are some ideas for specialized sanding blocks.

When preparing the edges of a text block for edge decoration, wrap sandpaper around an eraser (my favorite) or a small rectangular piece of wood. Presto! An instant mini-sanding block.

If the fore-edge of the text block is curved (rounded spine), then you can sand it smooth with sandpaper wrapped around a wooden dowel that fits into the curvature of the fore-edge.

To clean out the joints between the cover boards and the spine, wrap the sandpaper around the edge of an old credit card.

Lark Call for Entries

Lark Books is doing a new one! “Showcase 500 Handmade Books,” a collection of handmade artists’ books, juried by Julie Chen. They’ve just put out a call for entries.

Here’s a flyer they did to let us know: handmade books flyer

It’s a call for books with content. Send in your photos. I can’t wait to see YOUR name in the new book!

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