Christine Cox

Books, Miniatures, Writing, Paper and Supports
(Timeline project)

I’ve changed the title of this project to better reflect the content. I changed “bookbinding” to “books,” as so much of what I’m interested in has to do with the whole book; be it construction, content or history. I changed “paper” to “supports” as my interest includes all writing supports, from silk to palm leaves to parchment and paper.

Here is today’s entry for the timeline:

Year 256 – The world’s oldest known complete paper book: Phi Yü Ching written on paper called liu-ho chih, in Liu-ho, Chiangsu, China

This post is part of an ongoing series on bookbinding, miniatures, writing and paper since the year 1. Please consider it a kick-start for your own private timeline and a springboard for further research. See my blog for the rest of the series.


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