Christine Cox

I have put off selling my work in public venues for years. Oh sure, I’d sell, barter or gift with friends, but I wouldn’t take the final step and actually offer my work to strangers. I finally overcame that (thank you to my friends who pushed and helped) and so far have put 2 items on Etsy!

A quiet moment of joy as I appreciate a completed job, done well.

The truth? It was nerve wracking! My husband calls me 90% woman because I do 90% of everything and leave the last 10% for him (usually the clean up, poor man). Figuring out the last 10% of selling my work on Etsy meant photos, descriptions, shop design, and so many details that I’ve, until now, avoided. Oh, and pricing! I just got the willies thinking about it.  Anyway, I’ve made the mental leap and am so happy to finally share my handmade books and jewelry with people that I don’t actually know.

My next personal goal? To keep putting new things in my shop and not falling into my usual, “There, that’s done” mode. I’m an excellent starter, but I get kind of cranky when I have to maintain things. Does any of this sound familiar? If so, I encourage YOU to go the last 10% and finish something important to you, whether it’s putting up an online store or sewing your first Coptic stitch!

Have a glorious day, and FINISH something!

Christine Cox


Comments on: "A Goal Met (Years late)" (2)

  1. Better late than never…

  2. That’s great Christine!! Getting your creations out there for others to see takes work and sometimes a tough shell! Your designs are very pretty!
    I’ve been working to do more shows this year & always want to put more on my etsy shop but usually don’t since I need the inventory for shows!
    Betsy 🙂

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